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Name:Scully Slash
Location:United States of America
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Community description:Scully slash!
Scully Slash is where that beautiful redhead of the X-Files gets to have the fun and lovin' she never got on the show. Dana Scully set the standard for "Smart is Sexy!"

Here we give our dear Agent Scully lovely, loving women to spend time with and fall in love with. Since the show didn't really provide much opportunity for Dana, crossovers and original female characters are not only allowed, but desired!

Action, romance, fluff, smut, case files, etc. The kinds of stories are endless... as are the lovely women out there who can be paired up with Scully.

So if you have a drabble or an novel, G-rated or NC17 smut (and anything in between!) featuring Scully slash, this is the place for it!!!

All fic posted, and links to fics, should have a complete header including, but not limited to:

Warnings (if any)
Author's Notes (if any)

Anything over 100 words should be behind a cut.

If posting icons and/or graphics:

Do not post links to locked entries or to entries that will be locked after a specified amount of time.
Do not post links to other sites that require a require signup or registration.
No more than 4 preview icons. The rest must go behind a cut.
No graphics larger than 150x150 outside of the cut.

When posting recs, please includes ratings and any applicable warnings for the stories you're reccing.

Discussion posts and metas are welcome as long as they are kept on topic.

No OT posts such as intro posts, RPG requests/comm pimping, etc. If in doubt, ask first.

Our sister LJ community can found here.

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